At Unleashed, we specialise in Self-Defence and Close Quarter Combat tactics and strategies. Our primary focus is providing our members and the community with practical and efficient techniques that will ensure their best chance of survival in extremely violent situations. We understand that when it comes to violence of any kind, it’s not about how big you are or what your background is, it’s about what you are capable of!

Unleashed (v)

– cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.

At Unleashed, we know that self-defence has been watered down. There are many factors that have contributed to this, including the advent of sport based fighting and competitive training gyms. Since generic, slow-moving training methods have become ingrained into most training denominations over time, there has become a clear disconnect between sport-centric fighting and reality based combat philosophies.

Training for sport and for combat simultaneously is similar to training for AFL and NRL at the same time. Sure, it can be done, but you can’t expect to be highly proficient in either. In order to be qualified for a rugby team, you need to be training repetitively and consistently in rugby. Self-defence is no different, if you want to be proficient in self-defence, your focus should be on self-defence.

Whats makes us Unleashed? Far from the generic aggressive connotations of the term, our use is derived more from our training methodology and understanding of social psychology and how it affects self-defence. We don’t abide by the same rules, traditions or lineages as most clubs or schools. We are not looking for points or trophies. We just want to ensure the safety of ourselves, and those closest to us.

We cover a range of topics in our classes, and we also offer specific training to anyone with limited capabilities or occupational restrictions. We understand that different people or professions require specific strategies and techniques.

We’re devoted to teaching techniques based on empirical evidence. We don’t teach something because a master or guru told us to, or because someone in the mountains 2000 years ago said to! We test what we teach, and the techniques we instill in you are those techniques that demonstrated the highest probability of success in force-on-force training and experimentation.

We go beyond only hand-to-hand combat training and delve into the psychological, sociological and physiological aspect of self-defence. These topics are all too often overlooked by the majority of self-defence institutions. From an early age we are taught not to hit, not to bite, not to scratch, claw or scream, and doing so would almost always result in serious punishment. Because of this, good people find it difficult to differentiate when it is, or is not, appropriate to respond to violence.

We help you break through this type of social conditioning, so that in times of desperation, you can do what it takes.

No rules, no referees, no gurus and nothing to hold us back. That is why we are Unleashed.

Some topics we cover:

  • Hand-To-Hand & Close Quarter Combat
  • Self Protection, Avoidance & De-escalation
  • Combative Psychology, Physiology & Neurology
  • Third Party Protection
  • Weapon Retention & Disarms
  • Control & Restraint
  • ‘Active Shooter’ Response
  • Scenario Strategies & Tactics (including Sexual Assaults, Car Jackings, Home Invasions, etc.)
  • Law Enforcement, Military & Security Tactics
  • Womens Self Defence (more information below)
  • And more…

We also offer group, university or corporate classes and seminars. These include Womens Self-Defence classes, Control & Restraint classes, Active Shooter seminars and more.

Contact us for more information (minimum costs and conditions apply).